UV Flash Light Elwis Pro S9.


Handy UV flashlight for the professional

Ideal for fluid leak detection and many other purposes

Approved for full air conditioning testing (leak identification)

Resistant to water an dust (IP67)

Ergonomically designed handle with well positioned on/off button

Optical lens

Batteries, lanyard and belt pouch included

From A to Z, this product uses only high specification quality components for a guaranteed long lifetime

Delivers UV light in the spectrum of 395-410nm

This product is suitable for use in the inspection of the aircon systems of cars, or checking currency notes, DNA marks etc. The S9 comes with a 395-410 nanometer, i.e. UVA (long wave) rather than UVB (280-315nm medium wave) and UVC (200-280nm) which can damage the skin. These products should only be used by professionals used to working with UV light.

UV Flash Light Elwis Pro S9

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